Mac Compatible Network Drives

NAS - Network Attached Sorage for Macs can either be wired or wireless. A NAS drive typically connects to an ethernet port on your Wi-Fi router or to an ethernet hub to allow centralized access from any computer or device on your LAN - Local Area Network.

Recommended optons for Apple users include Western Digital - WD My Cloud or Buffalo Technologies LinkStation line of NAS hard drives. Apple's (now discontinued but still available) Time Capsule combine both an AirPort router and NAS drive into a single device. Businesses may wish to explore QNAP's line of NAS servers for high-capacity and performance for centralized data and media access.

Mac Compatible Cloud Storage

An Apple compatible cloud drive can exist anywhere in your home or business and provide a shared resource for for multiple users. Some cloud drives can also be accessed remotely and securely from anywhere over the internet to transfer, share or retrieve files when and as needed.

You could pay for commercial cloud storage using Apple's iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft's One Drive or other servicess - or purchase and run one of your own without recurring charges for access or having to pay for additional storage when needed.

Apple Compatible Wireless Backup Drives

MacOS and iOS compatible wireless backup drives contain both a WiFi wireless access point and either SSD or hard disk based storage. They're often rechargable, portable devices that can be used to back up an Apple iPhone or iPad - or be used for file transfers or Time Machine backups from your MacBook Air or Pro laptop or an iMac, Mac mini or Pro desktop.

Typically Mac friendly wireless drives need only be connected via USB for recharging - but also can directly plugged into a computer like an ordinary backup drive.